Wholesale - Dark & Bright Canned Coffee


Now you can take Springline Coffee with you on the go- introducing our Snapchilled Coffee in a can.  You won't believe the bold, smooth flavor of our Dark & Bright medium roast you'll get in each 12oz can - utilizing a proprietary Snapchilling process.  

Our delicious Dark & Bright blend is brewed hot and made cold in seconds utilizing a Snapchill Technology created by our friends at Elemental Beverage Company.  This process allows us to present our coffees cold -- without dilution, oxidation, or additives. 

The coffee also has a great shelf life.  It can last up to 6 months when refrigerated, and about 2-3 weeks when room temperature, and is OK to go from cold to room temp to cold.  But we recommend you refrigerate upon receipt. 


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