We decided it was time to chart a new course in our lives—pursuing a passion for coffee that was inspired by the nostalgic feelings of the Atlantic Ocean.

Though no one description is the same, every Rhode Islander, in their own way, can tell you about that feeling that overcomes your senses when you roll the window down as you cruise over the Claiborne Pell Bridge into Newport. No matter the season, it’s always a cool, briny breeze that awakens childhood memories on the beach or on the bay.

If you ask any Springline Coffee team member to describe one of their favorite days, you’ll undoubtedly hear a story that takes place somewhere along the coast of Rhode Island or out on the Narragansett Bay. Rhode Island may only be 37 miles wide, but it has 348 miles of invigorating, Atlantic Ocean coastline ideal for adventuring, sailing, and memory-making. With hot summer days and cool nights filling many of those memories, there are few better feelings than gliding back into port with a warm cup of coffee as you take in the rising sun and the sounds of the ocean.

 It was that exact feeling that was the inspiration for Springline Coffee. A premium brand of coffee that is rich, flavorful and bold, like the ocean. Small batch roasted from the highest-quality beans we source from small estates coffee growers by our master roaster, Ken.

A self-proclaimed seaman, Ken enjoys every moment on the ocean having navigated the Narragansett Bay for years on one of the 10 boats he’s owned in the course of his life. 

As an avid coffee drinker, he always loved exploring the different styles of beans and flavors of coffees. With that, he decided coffee would be his next anchor in life. He built his very first coffee roaster- by hand. A true tradesman and artisan, he understood the best way to truly know how roasting worked was to build his very first coffee roaster, from scratch and by hand. His coffee is highly acclaimed and loved by coffee drinkers- from the most sophisticated of palettes to those who “just know” a damn good cup of coffee.

After years of sourcing coffee from different locations and growers, Ken discovered the authentic and distinctive flavors that are found from small-estate coffee beans and growers. Even better than the distinctive flavors of the beans Springline Coffee sources, are the types of roasts and blends that have been created from a community of customers. Customers who over the years have shared the likes and dislikes for new blends and new roasting methods that have brought us to the flavors we have today. Here at Springline Coffee, we invite you to be part of our community, and chart a new course for your own daily ritual.

- The Springline Coffee Crew