Commodore's Collection 12oz


Try three of our favorite single origin roasts.  This Collection is fit for the Commodore- and for you too.

Smooth Seas - Our Smooth Seas is derived from India Malabar Monsoon beans. But don't let the Monsoon name deter you, this coffee has the lowest acidity and easiest on the stomach. Annual monsoon winds cause the beans to expand in size and acquire their unique, mellow flavor.

Origin - India Malabar Monsoon
Tasting Notes - Papaya, Black Cherry, Baker's Chocolate

Roast - Light (2/5)


First Light - Wake up with our Colombian roast beans, sourced from the finest, small estates in Colombia to ensure every sip provides a bold, well-balanced taste.

Origin - Colombia
Tasting Notes - Grapefruit, Cocoa, Walnut
Roast - Medium (3/5)


Drift Away -  As the local Costa Ricans say, "Pura Vida", meaning "pure life", our Drift Away, provides pure deliciousness. Using only the finest Costa Rican beans, this coffee delivers a light and mild taste with touches of sweetness.

Origin - Costa Rica
Tasting Notes - Apricot, Almond, Brown Sugar
Roast - Light (2/5)

All coffees shipped whole bean. 

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