Hot Toddy Coffee Made With Holiday Stroll - NautiCoffee Cocktail Series

A hot toddy coffee — there is no better way to welcome chilly weather than with this revised classic cocktail. This hot coffee toddy is rich, warm, and soothing on a cool evening. Our Springline crew couldn’t resist putting our unique twist on the hot toddy than by adding our smooth coffee in. Meet the Holiday Stroll Hot Toddy Coffee,  a new take on the hot toddy that includes our latest release, Holiday Stroll. The classic hot toddy’s flavors combine with notes of caramel, vanilla, and almond for the ultimate comfort cocktail. Enjoy this slow sipper as a nightcap, while playing cards with the family, or on your next crisp morning sail. 

Holiday Stroll Hot Toddy


A brief history of the hot toddy leads us back to 18th-century western Europe, where the drink first gained popularity. The seasonal beverage was a well-known staple in northern English and Scottish pubs. Barmen would pour hot water into their scotch and sip the drink to stay warm. Today there are many different hot toddy variations, but most include whiskey or bourbon, hot water, and lemon. And, this one now includes coffee—making it a hot toddy coffee. 

Things to Know 

The secret to making the best hot toddy coffee is simple, adjust the amount of lemon juice and honey until it suits your taste buds! You’ll be surprised how much an extra teaspoon of honey or lemon can change the flavor. You may find you enjoy more or less honey than our recipe. 

Another tip is to use local honey if you suffer from seasonal allergies! Since seasonal allergies are caused by plants in your area, eating local honey containing that pollen can help combat allergies. 



  • 1oz Holiday Stroll 
  • 1oz Bourbon Whiskey
  • 6oz hot water
  • 1 tablespoon honey 
  • Juice of ½ lemon


  1. Combine all ingredients 
  2. Stir well to fully melt and incorporate the honey. 

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