NautiCoffee Cocktail Series: Yuletide Eggnog Martini

We’re kicking off December with a #Nauticoffee cocktail that is a favorite holiday indulgence. Meet the Springline Yuletide Eggnog Martini! Our holiday coffee Yuletide Eggnog meets liquor and eggnog for a cocktail Clark Griswald of Christmas Vacation would approve of. Adding alcohol to eggnog is a favorite decadent, grown-up treat. With the addition of our Yuletide Eggnog coffee, this rich and creamy drink will become your new holiday staple. 


Eggnog gets its roots from a medieval British beverage known as posset, a milk beverage made with wine or beer, cream, sugar, and egg, and thickened with anything from bread to oatmeal. Over time, posset turned into an eggnog-like beverage popular among monks in the 13th century. Due to the ingredients, the drink catapulted it to an aristocratic drink as milk, eggs, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg were considered luxury items. The beverage gained popularity and approachability when it made its way to the American colonies, as the farms supplied milk and eggs. The alcohol of choice at the time was rum and helped to prevent the eggnog from spoiling. In fact, alcohol was often added to dairy to kill harmful bacteria that often appeared in dairy products. Eggnog at this time was very think and mostly contained rum. As dairy became safe to drink, the reliance on alcohol dwindled, and spiked eggnog became more about enjoying the holiday cocktail. 

Things to Know

A few things to keep in mind as you make your Springline Yuletide Eggnog. 

  • Prepare your Springline Yuletide Coffee beforehand and let it chill. This step will help minimize dilution, which will make your drink colder and tastier! 
  • When shaking your cocktail, think of waking your drink to life, not rocking it to bed. 
  • For those with dairy allergies, opt for a dairy-free Eggnog. For those that are vegan, this recipe can be made with a dairy and egg-free Eggnog and Kamora Liqueur, which is a Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur alternative.




  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with a generous amount of ice. 
  2. Combine spirits, eggnog, and Springline Yuletide Eggnog Coffee.
  3. Shake for 10 seconds 
  4. Strain and pour into a chilled martini glass.
  5. Garnish with a dash of cinammon
  6. Enjoy with your crew! 
Enjoy your Yuletide Eggnog on your own or make a large batch for your next holiday gathering. Keep this recipe on hand all holiday season long, and remember that eggnog is best served as a dessert or with small appetizers rather than with dinner. Show us your Yuletide Eggnog by tagging us on Facebook at @SpringlineCoffee or Instagram at @springline_coffee and using hashtag #nauticoffee!