Is your coffee premium? What is premium coffee?

For most of us coffee drinking is about pleasure, it is about a ritual, one that happens daily and  charts the course for the day to come. So, what is premium coffee? Premium coffee is made from the highest quality beans- beans that are carefully sourced from a wide variety of chosen geographies including Africa, Asia, the Carribean, and South America - to name a few. Once grown, preparation of the beans happens with care and thoughtfulness. In each batch the master roaster puts his or her own special stamp as they adjust temperatures to elicit in-depth, interesting flavors and tasting notes.

The journey to a cup of premium coffee is not unlike other journeys, beginning with a single step- the beans. Our passion drives us to make each cup of Springline Coffee premium coffee an excursion to an uncharted land. It is from this land where the beans have been cultivated and harvested. Our premium beans come from mountains and groves in all corners of the world. When looking for top quality beans, the locales must boast optimum conditions, nutrient rich soil, and altitudes that stimulate growth and health of the beans. Beans used to make premium coffee roasts can also be harvested from micro-climates. Micro-climates are little pockets of atmospheric perfection that are naturally occurring greenhouses where optimum heat and humidity offer unparalleled conditions. It is here, on these hills and farms, where the story of our premium coffee roasts begin. The harvesting process is just as essential to creating premium coffee as the farming itself. Timing the harvest correctly is an integral part of the journey of the beans. The growers work together to gather and pick the coffee cherries that have grown ripe for picking and processing. The cherries are quickly moved to peeling, cleaning and drying (you’ll often hear these referred to as green coffee beans). One of the most important parts of the bean’s journey is the drying and storing processes which must occur quickly after picking! 

Once the harvested beans make their journey to little Rhode Island, our master roasters are able to get to work.  Although numerous paths can be taken to achieve a premium roast all roads lead to the same goal, crafting a premium coffee roast. Our master roasters use a micro-roasting process that incorporates the finest equipment and approach to bring forth the unique flavor of each origin’s beans. One of the most important ingredients to the process is heat. The master roaster uses temperature control to expand all the relevant properties starting with color, taste and notes. Premium coffee roasting requires an exacting process that preserves the flavor and integrity of the beans.

Left now is the final step in the journey, the brewing process. Specific to the coffee appreciator, the brew can be prepared and enjoyed in many ways. Whether you favor espresso, cappuccino, speciality coffee drinks, or just a traditional cup, Springline Coffee premium blends and roasts,and our single origin beans, are guaranteed to deliver the perfect coffee, and your new daily ritual. We hope this has been helpful in answering “what is premium coffee?”  At Springline Coffee, premium coffee roasting is our passion.